Step towards stop use of children in begging!!!!

India is one of those countries which have largest population of Children in the world. According to Hum HINDU we are much more responsible for the dark future of the children. Because most of us much more sympathy towards Children and try to help child beggar by giving some rupees. So it is profitable business for earning money where children earning average 200 Rs daily. Lots of report revealed Daily for missing children. Some of these children are trafficked into gangs, some are kidnapped, other may have been handed over by their family out of desperation or because they have been duped.

Perhaps we don’t know when we some money directly to child beggars we hurt more than we help. Reason is that Children are maimed by some gangs, kidnappers by using drugs, arms so that we give him more money. Some of these children’s are cruelly blinded by gangs and kidnappers. Most of these child beggars are addicted to solvents, alcohol and charras.

Lots of poor people live in India. Some people are not able to provide sufficient education to his/her child; instead the education poor people forcing or training their child to beg. They always think that education is just wastage of time and also it requires more money which they don’t have. So for the family income they force their child to beg from people. They are just inoperable their own children’s future. The question is that? – are they only responsible for their children’s dark future?

 According to the figure Hundreds of thousands of children in India are being forced to beg. Even they are not allowed to keep their earning along with them and are treated as slaves and also the gangs don’t give them food so that they look gaunt and get more sympathy and which results in more earning for the gangs. Also we know that a disabled child will get more sympathy so they also cut some parts of their body so to get more money.

Acharaya Ajay Gautam filed PIL to eliminate child beggary in Delhi high Court. He said in his PIL to find exact number of those children which are destitute and involved in begging. HumHindu always boycott for the Use of Children in Begging. We can eliminate all children begging problem if we strictly take action against gangs, kidnappers and some people which understand it as a business. It’s our responsibility to understand the right of child and work them as their Freedom.


About Hum Hindu

We are Indian and we must have to proud on our Hindu religion. Lets try to motivate all Indians to know importance of our God and Goddess.
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