Can we stop Hate and derogatory or provocative speeches?

Hate Speech and Derogatory Speech are big issue in India. Lots of people using inflammatory and derogatory language in his speech while addressing a public place in last few years. So it’s our responsibility to Fight against Hate and derogatory or provocative speeches which arises conflict in society. Because this type of statement arises controversy in individuals, families, couples, groups, communities, State, country and world.

                                                                                   As we know Shahrukh Khan passed derog speech on Vastu Devta during show of kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) few months ago for the purpose of degrades the practice of VASTU. After derogatory speech of Shahrukh Khan, Vedic VASTU Institute under the guidance of Acharya Ajay Gautam sends a legal notice to Shahrukh Khan to say sorry in public platform for his derogatory speech.

                                                                                  In June 2014, Owaissi is said to have delivered hate speech against Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking Muslim community’s support to his party. Owaisi made multiple comments against Hindus, Hindu deities, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bharatiya Janata Party, Narendra Modi .He said that these people (Hindus) cannot face the Muslims, and whenever the Muslims start dominating the Hindus, the impotent army (police) intervenes Owaisi said that “we (Muslims) will not let you (Hindus) live peacefully, “and added that the Muslims could “teach the rest of the world a lesson”. Owaisi said that “we (Muslims) will not let you (Hindus) live peacefully,” and added that the Muslims could “teach the rest of the world a lesson”.

                                                                                The aim of Hum Hindu is to facilitate media intervention, social awareness, PIL to protect the rights of Indian people, fights against Hate speech, derogatory or provocative speechesHUM HINDU provides social services to poor people in all over country. We also fight for the poor people rights. Which are provided by Government for the poor people?

                                                                             So we must have to work together against Hate, derogatory or provocative speeches or statement. HUM HINDU also works for child issue problem as like Use of Children in Begging, Sexual Assault with Minor kids in Play Way Schools, death of School Going Children on Unmanned Railway Crossing.


About Hum Hindu

We are Indian and we must have to proud on our Hindu religion. Lets try to motivate all Indians to know importance of our God and Goddess.
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