Existence of HUMHINDU in Our Country

We were born as human beings but gradually divided in various castes. After division of caste now we have reached at such stage where we have finally forgotten that we are ever humans. Now a day different statement or speech delivered by people of our country. So it’s a responsibility to never passed derogatory speech or comment on religion. Because it’s create conflict between human. We are born as a human and our responsibility to understand the value of human.

Hum Hindu provides social services and we tries to improve the conflict of human. Which arises from individuals, families, couples, groups, communities, State, country and world? Our main aim dedicated to social justice for individuals, families, couples, groups, communities, State, country and world.

Our country India is facing lots of national issues as like Ram Mandir, Ram Setu, Article 370, Melting Glacier, and Kedarnath Tragedy etc. Acharaya Ajay Gautam participated In “AYODHYA RAM MANDIR AANDOLAN”. During1989-1992 Acharya Ajay Gautam also the petitioner in a Ram Mandir issue case pending on ALLAHABAD COURT. Till now he fights for the construction of proposed Ayodhya ram mandir.

Hindu is more a culture & way of living life than the religion. It has own power to change the things. It has power to change itself. The things are changing here fastly. Jaati-pratha is almost gone only exist in remote villages.  has given the first right on jobs & education. Instead of diversity & the tensions created by outsiders & some insiders like RSS & some other extremist. People are staying together with peace & harmony celebrating the festivals together. Sheikhs has suffered riots so the Hindus & Muslims. But it’s the only religion where people choose the things on the basis of quality & not on cast or dharma. It’s the only place where a Sikh can become PM and a Muslim can become President.

Hinduism is the best in the world. Hindustan is only place where lots of Rishi, Muni Siddha Purush, yogi and AATMAGYAANI born. It is our blessing we born Hindu. Fortunately, not everyone gets it. So let’s try improving Hinduism in our Country and increasing peace in our country.


About Hum Hindu

We are Indian and we must have to proud on our Hindu religion. Lets try to motivate all Indians to know importance of our God and Goddess.
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